David L Lewis Toxysolutions
Former Senior-Level Research Microbiologist, U.S. EPA Office of Research & Development
Author, Science for Sale: How the U.S. Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits. Skyhorse Publishing, NY.

TOXYSolutions™ Environmental Justice Project

The mission of the TOXYSolutions™ Environmental Justice Project is to enable people to determine their exposure levels to harmful environmental pollutants, and avoid adverse health effects.

We work with independent-minded scientists who have demonstrated a track record of putting the public interest above their own personal gain. Our associates and collaborators include prominent, highly-credible whistleblowers at government agencies, leading universities and major corporations. Important scientific research, which stands to improve public health and the environment, is often suppressed. This suppression occurs whenever the research threatens economic and political interests held by certain government agencies, large corporations, and scientific journals. For example, one of these areas is independent research on toxic industrial wastes contained in treated sewage sludges (“biosolids”) widely applied to school playgrounds, farms, public parks and other public and private lands (www.focusforhealth.org/davidlewis).

Our primary objectives are twofold:
• Ensure that (a) areas of suppressed research are carried out and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals; and (b) the results are covered by the public news media,
popular websites and social media, urging government and industry to improve their policies and practices.

• Develop new products aimed at improving public safety and quality of life. Note: Profits from the sale of these products provide the funds we need to support important areas of scientific research that are currently being suppressed by political and economic influence. For example, we offer TOXYScreen® oral swabs, an innovative, patented technology, to the general public. Based on clinical trials at Emory University in Atlanta (see below), TOXYScreen® accurately and painlessly determined lead levels in oral fluids. The levels of toxic chemicals from these at-home tests will be measured by analytical chemists at one or more leading universities, and then reported back to the purchasers of the kits. Should any of their levels exceed federal safety standards, customers are advised to share the results with their healthcare providers for further testing and counseling.

In 2008, a double-blinded clinical trial, the first of its kind in oral fluids testing, was undertaken by Emory University Hospital’s Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Emory IRB 00004315) under the direction of the Georgia Department of Human Services Lead Program (Project Number 070205) in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Boston.

This study demonstrated a close correlation between blood and oral fluid testing. It further identified important benefits to oral fluid testing for lead, including improving parent/child participation and the ability to screen large groups of children more quickly and with greater ease. For more details, see article published by the Georgia Department of Health titled Revolutionary Lead Testing Procedure Developed.

Environmental pollution disproportionately affects low-income segments of our population. Hence, our efforts involving research and education are focused primarily on socially and economically disadvantaged communities. To assist in this work, we seek out Historically Black Colleges and Universities, women’s colleges and other private and public colleges and universities covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These institutions have better access to low-income segments of our population, and are better positioned to utilize our support for gathering data and publishing the results in the scientific literature.

In order to identify geographical “hot spots” where local populations exhibit high levels of heavy metals and glyphosate, we will also be including voluntary questionnaires with TOXYScreen® kits. Glyphosate, a common herbicide, and its metabolites, are indicators of exposures to agricultural chemicals linked to autism and other neurological disorders. To preserve the privacy and anonymity of purchasers of TOXYScreen® kits, levels of heavy metals and glyphosate will be compared with purchasers’ voting precincts rather than any personal data, e.g., mailing addresses.

Importantly, whenever data gathered by the TOXYSolutions™ Environmental Justice Project indicates geographical “hot spots,” we will notify appropriate state and federal public health organizations and the general public via news releases and the social media. Our goals also include conducting follow-up studies as resources permit.

David L. Lewis, Ph.D., Co-Director
TOXYSolutions™ Environmental Justice Project


*To comply with FDA regulations, TOXYSolutions™ does not claim that any health benefits are derived from their use, or the use of any other products it offers.