TOXYSolutions™ and OFT Labs have Partnered to Distribute the TOXYScreen™ Test Kits. You can be involved while generating an income. You can also use your affiliate URL on Facebook!

Based on TOXYSolutions’ mission to help put control of your health back into your own hands, we have created a win/win program for you to generate revenue while making these test kits, the first of their kind, available to as many consumers as possible.

Opportunity IS Knocking

It’s simple. Advertise the TOXYScreen Test Kits on your blog or website and your organization will receive 5% of the retail purchase from each sale. The revenue will automatically be calculated from click-throughs via the AD on your website to TOXYSolutions, and the appropriate funds deposited into your PayPal account once a month. Make sure to enter your PayPal account email when registering as an affiliate.

As knowledge about the kits expands (via TV shows, radio shows, and other promotions ongoing) requests for these test kits will also grow proportionally, offering you an increased revenue stream.

Whether you’re concerned about the toxic load your body may be carrying from Geoengineering fallout (metals), Vaccines (metals), Pharmaceuticals, Fluoride, Bio (Glyphosate) or Environmental (Lead, etc) and toxins. TOXYScreen™ is the perfect solution for the answers you need to take back control of your own health and protect your loved ones.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Do not claim anything about TOXYSolutions™ that is not presented on the TOXYSolutions™ website or your Affiliate account will be terminated and the ad code will be removed from your account.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms from time to time.

Affiliate agrees to keep up to date on the current terms and conditions.

Last Updated 2/23/2016