Gene Elwell and Ed Eckert

Gene Elwell & Ed Eckert, Co-Inventors

The co-inventors of TOXYScreen developed a Dacron polyester swab (cotton is contaminated with Glyphosate and heavy metals) to measure ultra-filtrated blood plasma at the gum line. Anything that is in the blood will enter the organs and cross the blood brain barrier.

The swab is moved back and forth across the gum line for 30 to 50 seconds and can even be applied when an infant is sleeping. The swab is put back in the container, sealed with the requisition form and returned to Oral Fluid Testing in a self-addressed stamped envelope for analysis.

Since there is no bio-hazard, medical waste or the potential for contamination, consumers can test in the safety and privacy of their home.

If the analysis determines that a high number of contaminants and/or levels above the CDC limits consumers will be advised to have further testing through their physician’s office.

With TOXYScreen oral fluids test kit; screening is no longer painful, invasive or costly and does not even require a visit to the doctor’s office. Our laboratory’s highly trained technicians use patented equipment and procedures to analyze the blood plasma found in oral fluid samples.

On November 9, 2010, the U.S. Patent Office issued OFT Labs Patent #7829340. This patent clearly indicates that the results of the oral fluid testing procedures are as accurate as venous blood samples. Using OFT’s patented collection and testing procedures, the results comparing the non-invasive painless test versus an invasive painful blood test were 99.19% accurate. Lead is measured in Ug/Dl, or micro-grams per deciliter [1 µg/dL= 5 ppm (parts per million)]. Simply put, the instrument is well within the capabilities of being accurate, even accounting for sample dilution and instrument error.

The oral fluids found at the gum line contain trace amounts of blood plasma. With today’s advances in technology there is more than enough blood present on a sample to accurately measure Lead (PB), Mercury (Hg) Cadmium (Cd) and Arsenic (As). Many doctors are recommending our oral tests as an inexpensive and pain-free alternative to venous blood tests.

This enormous, patented discovery identified by sheer persistence to find an option for more dignified testing, would eliminate the need to draw blood to detect overexposure to lead and heavy metals. TOXYScreen is a screening tool you can use now to test your families and pet’s levels of four toxic heavy metals: lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. Heavy metals are potentially deadly elements that can cause a host of health problems. Often heavy metal poisoning is misdiagnosed, and patients may not receive the correct treatment. Lead tests in particular often go undone because the hazard of lead poisoning is unknown though fairly common, and parents don’t want the challenge and anxiety of a blood draw.
This testing is also for your four-legged friend/family member. Lead poisoning is a common source of accidental poisoning in pets, mainly puppies. If you have a pet that is diagnosed with lead poisoning, chances are that you may have been exposed as well. The potential sources of lead for domestic animals are numerous and widespread. Ingestion of lead-based paints is the most commonly identified source of lead in poisoned cats and dogs. Other lead sources are toys, improperly glazed ceramic water or food bowls, contaminated tap water, and children’s chalk. Prior to the introduction of oral fluid testing, diagnosis of lead toxicity always involved a traumatic blood test.
Once ordered, OFT Labs will mail you a kit which includes detailed instructions and pictures regarding how to take the test. You take a sample (painless, easy, and simple) and you mail it back. Results will be sent by mail and/or email.

Standard venous testing (blood draw) for heavy metals can be an expensive and require several visits (testing visit and results visit). If you are displaying no symptoms of problems, but wish to be tested chances are almost certain the insurance company will not step up to pay. At this point it becomes an out-of-pocket expense for the consumer. In addition, some venous labs only test for certain metals. Which translates to more blood draws and more cost to the consumer. These costs add up quickly and for most prohibitively, and can easily exceed $1000 before all is said and done.

TOXYScreen tests can analyze a lengthy list of contaminants (metals and toxins) in the bloodstream with prices starting at $89.95 per kit with FREE Shipping & Handling Included!

Working Under the Direction of Georgia Department of Human Services Lead Program Director. (Project Number 070205) a Double Blind Clinical Trial, the first of its kind in Oral Fluid Testing, was completed. Using TOXYScreen, a product of OFT Labs, LLC patented technology; the trials were performed at Emory University Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, at Hughes Spalding Atlanta, Georgia (Emory IRB 00004315) together with University of Massachusetts Boston.

A double blind clinical trial was conducted at Emory University Children’s Hospital in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Atlanta, GA and University of Massachusetts, Boston. More than 500 children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years were tested. The research results soon to be published in The Journal of Clinical Toxicology, show that oral fluid is in all cases more reliable than any saliva test and in fact is as reliable as a venous blood test, because blood plasma is being collected in the oral fluid.

Dr. S Lynn Gardener, one of the authors of the study, presented the paper “Non-Invasive Lead Testing Technology” at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Conference in October 2009 and received much praise and support from the attendees. The study demonstrated that by using OFT’s patented collection and testing procedures, the results comparing the non-invasive, painless oral swab procedure versus an invasive painful blood test were extremely accurate.

The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy of the oral fluid test to the venous blood lead test which has served as the gold standard for lead testing.

>> Evaluating Oral Fluid as a Screening Tool for Lead Poisoning

TOXYScreen can easily be used as a screening test for you, you’re family, and even your pets. The use of a needle is eliminated, creating a pain-free testing method. The risk of infection, anemia, and thrombosis are eliminated. The test is conducted by a quick swab of the gum line, compared to the time consuming and painful process of having a nurse squeeze your finger until a large enough blood specimen is obtained. The test can be conducted in the safety of your home, eliminating the hassle of scheduling an appointment and visiting a doctor’s office or lab. It is pain-free, fast, efficient, and highly accurate.

List if comprehensive TOXYScreen test kit benefits:

• The testing is painless. No fear and anxiety of a blood draw.
• The specimen is obtained quickly, unlike the blood draw, which requires the phlebotomist to squeeze the donor’s finger until a large enough specimen is collected.
• A licensed phlebotomist is not needed because individuals or internal personnel, trained to collect samples, easily conduct the test without the risk of being exposed to blood borne hazard.
• No risk of infection, anemia, or thrombosis for the donor.
• Personnel can be tested by you or if applicable your company Safety Director, with exceptional benefits and cost savings.
• There is no medical waste. Oral fluid is not considered a bio-hazard, thus disposal costs are substantially reduced. The test kit is environmentally friendly and its plastic container can easily be recycled.
• Samples do not require special handling or preservatives. Once oral fluid is collected, it does not have to be refrigerated. This is an advantage if collecting in remote areas such as third world countries. Testing can be performed anywhere in the world.
• The testing is relatively inexpensive when compared to other testing methods providing a much smaller financial burden to those interested in self-testing.
• Sizable direct savings result from reduced donor wait time. There is no need to coax children into subjecting themselves to a finger stick to collect a capillary blood specimen. There is no need to travel to a doctor or lab with an elderly relative or individual with disability.
• Oral fluid specimen collection is quick and easy. An experienced, trained collector could collect up to 20 specimens per hour!
• The testing is private. All samples are sent to OFT Laboratories to be analyzed. Results are confirmed via an ICP/MASS SPEC technology.
• The test can be completed in your own home or at your place of business/work.
• No equipment is required beyond the swab kit, making this test a viable option for providing testing in third world countries.

Oral Fluid Testing (OFT) Laboratories, LLC was founded in 2007. For ten years they performed pulmonary drug testing and alcohol screening for various companies. The US Department of Transportation was one of their largest clients. This niche market allowed them a gateway into building safer working environments.
The undignified nature of providing urine collection is embarrassing and opens the door to accusations of contamination of the sample, sexual harassment and embarrassment.

Blood draws are the second most common type of diagnostic test. They are painful, create medical waste, risk potential infections, and are overall inconvenient and costly.

Eventually oral fluid testing was introduced, and the inventors of TOXYScreen diligently set to work designing a procedure to collect oral fluid samples with DOT standard collection procedures in order to ensure accuracy and security of the sample and paper work. This process identified major challenges with the collection process and demonstrated saliva test results were even easier to manipulate. While collaborating with several laboratories, they had scientists compare a lab-based urine test with some of the saliva tests on the market. A surprisingly high number of the saliva tests were coming back as false negatives; the saliva test was being beat as well, they couldn’t help but imagine there were better, easier options.

Eventually, the co-inventors, seeing a need for accurate non-invasive testing developed their own lab Oral Fluid Testing and they became the phlebotomists for OSHA. What the two co-inventors realized is that an oral swab taken around the gum line provides a more accurate reading of contaminant levels in the body, was less intrusive and far less costly.

This health epidemic affects our entire society and robs us of resources, financial security and most importantly our loved ones. Of ever increasing concern is the rising number of our children afflicted by life altering conditions, because they are our future.

Aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning is common, and add to that the massive use of chemicals such as the herbicide Glyphosate (a known carcinogen) . These dangerous metals and chemicals are found in abundance in our environment, our homes and our food. Since the metals are base-elements, they don’t break down. Farmers used to add lead and mercury to the soil as an insecticide and fungicide. Food grown in contaminated soil (including Aluminum) has been shown to have dangerously high levels of these elements.

Aluminum, lead and mercury and now chemicals such as Glyphosate are so prevalent that everyone has some level of these metals in their body. The question is how much? Testing is the only way to be sure that you and your family are within the safe levels identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

TOXYSolutions™ (Total Solutions)

TOXYSolutions™ is contacting many organizations to proliferate this ground-breaking product and will also be compiling a list of resources for practitioners who can help people chelate.

We look forward to providing safe detox products with proven efficacy as well as other products to help safely chelate & strengthen your immune system.